Geography is taught through Creative Curriculum topic work.  We aim to inspire curiosity and an enquiring mind by teaching children about their local environment, the United Kingdom and the wider world.  Children learn about the physical and human geography, for example, contrasting places in Britain and overseas, where possible the children engage in field trips to support their learning.

Learning is enhanced through role play, exploring deep down under the sea and life in the Arctic. 


The school has forged links with schools in Ghana, Denmark and Germany.




The name of this place translates into English as 'Black Pool'.

This famous city was founded by the Vikings in the 9th century.

This city has the youngest population in all of Europe; approximately 50% of the population is less than 25 years old.

Although this city is not in the United Kingdom, it is part of the British Isles.

There are twelve cities in the United States and 6 in Australia that have the same name as this city.

This city is home to a factory that produces a very welkown black drink and it produces 10 milion pints of it daily.


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