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HEART Academies Trust


Following agreement by the Governors, Cauldwell Primary is now actively pursuing conversion to academy status having concluded that conversion will be a positive move for the School. We will be submitting our application to the Department for Education to progress towards academy status and are aiming to become an academy by January 2017; and plan to join the HEART Academies Trust by April 2017.

In conjunction with Bedford Academy, Shackleton Primary and Shortstown Primary we are also looking to create the

HEART Academies Trust. Post conversion, each school within the multi-academy trust will retain its current name and individual identity.

The core aim of the new partnership will be to create a family of academies who are at the heart of their community, delivering great education and improving life chances for all. We will value the dreams and aspirations of everyone in our community.


Our overwhelming belief is that every child can be successful, both personally and academically, with early and effective help from staff that know and value them as an individual. We will have high expectations of all members of our schools; children, young people and professionals alike will be challenged and supported to achieve their very best.


Adopting a ‘stronger together’ approach and a commitment to positive collaboration will allow each academy within the Trust to celebrate what they already do well whilst providing opportunities to ensure continued development and improvement across all academies within the Trust.


What is a multi-academy trust?

A multi-academy trust (MAT) is a single entity established to undertake a strategic collaboration to improve and maintain high educational standards across a number of schools.

The aims of HEART Academies Trust will be to:

  • Maintain a continuous and rigorous focus on raising standards, particularly in English and mathematics.
  • Ensure all children and youg people receive high quality teaching every lesson, every day.
  • Remain non-selective and will value the abilities and achievements of all its students.  Staff will be committed to providing the best possible environment for learning for every child.
  • Remain focused on providing the best education for the community of each school.
  • Collaborate through understanding the differences and recognisiing the similarities between schools, engaging in honest and professional dialogue.

What happens next?

We will meet with staff to discuss the conversion process and to reassure them that they will not suffer any adverse changes to their terms and conditions of employment by transferring to the multi-academy trust.

Public Consultation Report

We have recently completed a period of public consultaion with regard to the conversion process.  A report detailling the process and itsoutcomes has been produced and can be downloaded below:

HEART Academies Trust Public Consultation Report January 2017

We will also be regularly updating information on this webpage, including our Frequently Asked Questions which will help to answer any questions you may have.