On this page we will be making available valuable information about the Year 6 SAT's; links to other websites and hints and tips to help parents to help their Year 6 children to prepare and practice for these tests.

Mrs Leonard led a meeting for Year 6 parents on 12 January, explaining how the SATs will be administered at Cauldwell, as well as the content of these tests.

Please click here to see the handout from that meeting.

On this handout are some websites which provide useful information for you and practice for your child.  The links for these websites are below on the right of this page.










For past SAT's papers, click here:

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To Read, learn and use words from the Year 5/6 list, click here:

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For help with Maths, this site is really useful:

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Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling - Your child will have a personal log-in for this site, and there are set tests to do:


Maths - Your child will have a log-in for this site: