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  Admissions Policy  

Admissions Information

Cauldwell School Admission Policy

Cauldwell School is a 420 place Academy. We have an agreed admission number of 60 per year group.

Children will be admitted into our Foundation class in the September following their fourth birthday.

Parents wishing their child to attend Cauldwell School in September 2019 need to apply to the Schools Admission Service at Borough Hall.

When there are more applications than places available, places will be allocated using the following priority order:-

  1. All ‘looked after’ children or children who were previously 'looked after'
  2. Pupils living in the catchment with siblings at the school
  3. Other pupils living in the catchment area
  4. Other siblings
  5. Any other children


  • In any situation where the application of the above criteria results in a situation where there are more children with an equal right to admission to the school than the number of available places, the tie break will be the distance the pupul lives from the school, measured in a straight line, using the Local Authority's computerised mapping system, with those living closer receiving the higher priority.  Priority is not given with each criterion to children who meet other criteria.
  • Overriding priority will be given by the LA to the admission of pupils who have a Statement of Special Educational Needs which names the school.  Priority may also be given to the admission of ‘hard to place’ pupils, e.g. excluded pupils, normally in accordance with any protocols which have been agreed with groups of schools.
  • Parents applying for a place during the normal admissions round will be offered a place.  However, if a pupil moves into the catchment area outside the normal admissions round (or after the allocation process has been completed) there will be no guarantee of a place if this would mean exceeding the admission number.  In such cases, parents will be referred to the local education authority.



Procedure for admissions

There is a standard form known as the Starting Schools Application Form.

This form is used for the purposes of admitting pupils into the intake year.

Parents will be invited to request the form and the Guide for Parents, which contain information on:

  • The schools in Bedfordshire
  • Schools’ admission numbers and criteria
  • How to complete the application form
  • How places are allocated
  • Timetable for the application and allocation process
  • School transport
  • Who to contact for advice

The form enables parents/carers to:

  • Express a preference for up to 3 schools plus their catchment school (if the catchment school is in Bedfordshire and it is not one of the 3 preferences)
  • Give reasons for their preferences
  • Rank their preferences

The Timetable:

  1. In October 2018, the Local Authority will publish its booklet on primary school admissions.

  2. Completed foms are to be returned to the School Admissions Service by the 15th January 2019.
  3. The admission authority will consider all applications for the school, apply the school’s oversubscription criteria and provide the School Admissions Service with a list of those applicants ranked according to the school’s oversubscription criteria. All preferences will be ranked equally against the admissions criteria.


The School Admissions Service will match the ranked lists against the ranked lists of other schools nominated and:

  • Where the child is eligible for a place at only one of the nominated schools, that school will be allocated to the child;
  • Where the child is eligible for a place at two or more of the nominated schools, the child will be allocated a place at the nearest appropriate school with a vacancy, but only if the child is a Bedfordshire resident.  If the child does not reside in Bedfordshire, parents will be invited to request a place at any of the schools that still have vacancies.  Priority will always be given to those parents who have expressed a preference for a particular school over those who have not.

In April the School Admissions Service will inform all primary schools of the pupils to be offered places at their schools.

By 18th April the School Admissions Service will notify parents of the outcome of their applications.

Parents not offered a school place would be invited to request a place at a school with vacancies.

Parents are to notify School Admissions Service of acceptance or rejection of place offered.  If parents do not respond by a given date it will be assumed that they have accepted the place.


Late Applications

The closing date for applications in the normal admissions round is 15th January.  Applications received after 15th January but before the normal time of admission, will be considered as part of the co-ordinated arrangements and a place offered at the highest preference school that has a place available.  However, it may be necessary to make a priority placement available for Bedfordshire children in rural areas whose application is late for good reason.

In-year or Casual Admissions

If a parents wishes to apply for a school place after the start of the academic year or during the academic year, because they have either moved into the area or moved within the area or simply because they wish to transfer their child to another school, they are likely to make contact with either the school or the Local Authority.

If one of the alternative preferences is for a foundation or voluntary aided school, the School Admissions Service will liaise with the school to determine if a place is available.  A place will be offered by the School Admissions Service at the next highest preference that can be met.

If all preferred schools are full and the pupil lives in Bedfordshire, a place will generally be offered at the nearest school with places available.  However, it may be necessary to make a priority place available for Bedfordshire pupils in rural areas.



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